Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meet Kaiwi Berry...part of the Kreed squad.

Name: Kaiwi Berry
DOB: May 17
Stomping Grounds: Kahuku to Kaena
Lifestyle: fishing, surfing, saving lives, ‘ohana
Heroes: Grandpa, Dad, Uncle Kolohe Blomfield, Cousin Nainoa Suratt, Fadda-in-law, Mom, Brian Higa, Bouvey, Hawaiians

He is part of the Aloha Army and rides for Paulele Clothing (www.pauleleclothing.com).
"You'll catch Kaiwi with Kreed stickers all over his new quiver, always representing when surfing and LTD-2 is his go-to glass when lifeguarding on the North Shore."

Kaiwi Berry's insight from the last big swell at Waimea: 12/5/09


Here are some photos from the last big swell at waimea, 12-5-09.
The waves were fun, not too crowded. The next day me and a couple friends drove our jet skis from Kaneohe to Kahului harbor Maui. It took us about 6 hours, about 100 miles, maybe 98. We were hired by red bull to do water patrol at jaws for the team.

9 am we showed up at the circus, about 40 teams towing, boats in the channel, photographers all over, 3 helicopters, hundreds of people on the cliffs. I was on the sled and my friend was driving the ski. A surfer went over the falls on about a 15 footer, his partner went to pick him up, they got caught by a wave, flipped their ski and it was headed for the rocks. They needed help, so we went in to pick them up. my partner grabbed the surfer, passed him to me on the sled and somehow he pulled the kill-switch which shut the jetski off. The next wave hit us, flipped the jetski and sent us to the rocks. I could still see the ski and decided to swim over to it, taking a few whitewaters on the head. By the time I got close enough, the ski was already on the rocks and completely totalled. I ended up climbing the rocks, walked around the bay, then had to swim back out into the channel with no fins then eventually got picked up by another ski. =( (Attached are 2 photos)
Finally caught a few waves and still have no photos to show for it! Haha!

aloha, kaiwi -------

Waimea Photos: Zak Noyle

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clark Little getting it done!

Clark Little's been busy lately...

See more of his amazing work and order the book here: http://www.clarklittlephotography.com/

Check out some photos from his Collector's Book signing night before the Eddie Aikau Contest with Kelly Slater and Jack Johnson.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jim of Azunia

Jim Riley, CEO of Azunia tequila, wearing some Kreed LTD's in this video...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Anti-Canvas: A Showcase of Boardshort Art for Charity

Hurley and Contrast Magazine Present:
The Anti-Canvas
A Showcase of Boardshort Art for Charity
First Friday Art Walk, December 4th 2009

Thirty-one artists from Hawai'i and the mainland will be showcasing one-of-a-kind Hurley boardshorts that will be auctioned to donate 100% of the proceeds for the following charities: Save Our Sports, Jr. Lifeguard Program, and the Samoa Disaster Relief Fund.

5:00-9:00pm: Boardshort Art Showcase and Silent Auction
9:00pm-2:00am: 21+ After Party, Hurley Fashion Show, DJs

@ SoHo Mixed Media Bar