Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KREED at Huntington Beach during the US OPEN of Surfing...

Here are a few moments from the US OPEN of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Ca last Saturday. We also want to thank everyone for supporting our Kreed and Crush shades...K

Jason Bickley our So Cal sales rep with Bobby Shadley of the ASP both wearing thier Kreed's at the Hurley Open

Hurley Open street scene in HB was a scene

Derek and Elya(guys) working the Casio watch booth and rocking the Kreed's with two female friends in their Crush eyewear. They were in charge of hospitality and taking pics at the Casio booth.

Brennan Aubol Tearin it up, and supporting K!

Brennan Aubol is a 12 year old grom from Carlsbad who we want give props to for placing 2nd in the California State Games (WSA) on July 19... Keep up the good rippin kid and thanks for being part of the fam...K

Makapu'u to Moloka'i

We thought we would share this story with you guys... Thanks Haunani and Crew...

"Hey guys thanks again for the shades, they really were great to have on the sail. i've attatched a few pictures from the sail to Moloka'i. It was a really good sail,and we were blessed with good wind. We left Makapu'u at sunrise and made it across the ka iwi channel in about 4 hours. The whole sail took about 10-12 hours each way. At sunrise we used the sun to figure the direction of the wind and swells to help us cross the channel. We sailed with a few older and experienced people but our crew was mainly made up of younger people, the youngest being 17 and me being the old lady at 22. We stayed on Molokai for a few days and helped with a sustainabilty conference, and got to check out the island. It was really a lot of fun. Well I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and thanks again!!

Take care,

o yeah there was a really friendly monk seal that was cruising around where we docked, i think its illegal to touch them but it was so cute."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jeremy Wright - Gettin Pitted

Our friend Jeremy Wright has been getting some killer waves down in the Cook Islands these days. Also, thought we would pass on a note he wrote... check it... k

Hey Guys, Lots of things have been going on since my last update! I went to Kauai to help with camp Anahola in the middle of June. It went really well. Helping with all the kids was a blast! We got to go to the beach everyday, workout, and just stay busy. The kids learned a lot of new things and it was sweet! The second stop of the USBA tour was at sandy beach on Oahu. The event took place on July 4th and 5th. I got 4th place in my round 2 heat. I think this was my worst result in 3 years! I went into the event confident and ready to back up my 5th place result at the US open but it just didn’t go my way. I was really bummed but am really looking forward to the last event the Jenks Pro in September. I am in the Cook Islands and it has been AWESOME. The best trip ever! We have been getting lots of footage with Eric Schnitzler the guy who made The Drift DVD. We are filming for his next DVD along with a couple other people who wanted footage of me for their DVDs. I also have been shooting photos with Danny Hernandez from the Canary Islands for a few magazine articles. I will be here for another four days and then off to Australia for a little over three weeks! I will be very busy there meeting up with some photographers, videographers, and maybe entering a contest! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter it will be the first edition of “THE WRIGHT TIMES” You can subscribe by going to and entering your e-mail on the homepage. YES that easy.

Thanks for all the support!

Jeremy Wright

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wake Skate Madness

Check out our fellow Kreedler Collin Kornhaus, busting out the wake skate. Also, just want to share as well that Colin digs his fresh pair of Bail Outs!

thanks Collin...k

E.J. and The JEVER SUP World Cup

We at Kreed want to give props to
Ernie "E.J." Johnson for the 3 day international Stand Up Paddle race that took place in Hamburg, Germany July 10th-12th. As one of the 20 pro invitees, E.J. finished 5th in the long distance on his 12'6", and 6th in the sprints...

We thought we share his message as well, "I recently competed in a world class event representing my sport of SUP. What an Honor, for me to be involved in this first time event, representing the U.S.A! Thanks to my friends and family and sponsors , for their support over the last two years of racing. Special thanks to Wardog and Debbie from StandUpPaddleSports for their moral and financial support.


Thanks EJ, and thanks for Rockin Kreeds! k

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