Sunday, March 14, 2010

San Felipe Baja 250 Race Update:

JCR Honda is the unofficial winner of the class 22 Motorcycle division. The 3x Honda team of Colton Udall, Jeff Kargola and Johnny Campbell was first to the finish line after a very tough 248 miles in the Baja desert. JCR’s 1x bike solo’s by Kendall Norman was unofficially third overall.

KREED eyewear is Johnny Campbell’s preferred eyewear brand and KREED is proud to support the JCR Honda’s crew! Shown in the photo is Eric Siraton, Johnny’s “master bike builder” in the KREED LTD 2’s and Tom “TJ” Jones in the VORTEX “Grimy” with Blue Mirror lens. The JCR team’s favorite styles are the KREED Underground, Cash is King, and the KREED Polarized LTD series. TJ is a huge fan of the sports style sister brand to KREED called VORTEX eyewear. TJ spends so much time driving, chasing, and working on logistics and bikes to finish the tough Baja Score races and VORTEX eyewear gives him the full protection and coverage that he needs to help him to him to the finish. Look for the VORTEX sport styles to grace the pages of our website soon!

Check out the DP Racing CRF450x 10x race bike ready to rock!
KREED eyewear is proud to be the eyewear sponsor of the DP Racing team. These guys are a perfect test bed for KREED eyewear as they are in the sun all day. DP Racing has numerous Baja championships to its name and fielded a Honda CRF450X at this weekend’s SF 250 race with two young guns, A.J. Stewart and Bryce Stavron. Team manager Seve’ Bourgeois always puts together the best San Diego area talent and a very competitive class 22 race team. DP racing won the 2009 Baja 500. Look for more pics from the race next weekend!

KREED Eyewear hanging at the 24th Annual MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico this weekend.

The KREED eyewear offroad team is currently down for the running of the 24th annual MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico this weekend. Fresh off the press are some cool pics of the crazy contingency/parade through downtown San Felipe and some of the great folks that are part of the KREED squad along with some San Felipe local flavor and shots of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.
We caught up with Ed “Clyde” Stout and his team in the #13 Chevy Silverado during contingency at the San Felipe 250. Ed and his crew wear the KREED LTD series and KREED is stoked to help Ed and his team keep protected from the bright sunshine as they spend days on end driving and racing in the varying conditions of the Baja desert. As of this posting, Ed was running very well and in the hunt for the top 10 against the best off-road drivers in the world. Look for more information on Stout Racing and results as they become official.

KREED takes on the desert and wins!!! Other styles shown in the cactus garden of the “El Cid” restaurant are the Hoodlum, the Underground and the No Mo Viagra in White. All great for styles and favs among the racers!

Check out the newest KREED team member in his LTD 5’s. Mr. Sombrero

KREED basic wrap styles such as the McGarrett with blue mirror lens being worn by our friend Diego at the local juice bar keeps him covered under the sun.

Also Miguel in the KREED Recruit (passing out maps to the fans) are definitely popular styles among the racers and fans as these folks know how important it is to have the best quality sunglasses with UV protection and good coverage!

Mr. Sombrero says “When in doubt, lift it!”

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kory Kinder living easy...

Kory playing in Oside...

Kory lounging with his lovely amiga, Bri, in the Kreed "Bail Out" in negro...

SNAPS TAKEN BY: Andrew Arthur (click for his blog)